August 19, 2016
1 Year, 9 months and 3 days since
our Reunion.

  Welcome All Evergreen High School 1976 Graduates!

Can you believe its been 40 Years?  Most of us have been friends for much longer. Feel free to post pictures, tributes to fallen classmates, and your favorite teachers and friends. You can add your profile under classmates tab, and sign the guest book. Then, feel free to check out all the tabs. If you know a classmate who has passed you may submit it on the Memorials tab, it will be presented at our dinner on Friday, with other tributes and presentations. Please get involved, your comments are welcome and needed!
 If you haven't already purchased your tickets, buy your tickets right away using the "Buy Tickets tab" on the left.  We need attendance counts for all the vendors and volunteers helping to make this weekend great. One ticket is good for both events.  We have a great Dinner Party and after party setup for Friday, then a great PIG ROAST picnic the next day!
  If you want to help, contact us in the contacts section. We would welcome your help. Go through all the tabs and let us know what you think. It's going to be great to get together again. See you soon!
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